Dateline: BUCKTOWN 3024

This new Smif-n-Wessun album right here, The ALL, is definitely some futuristic, soulful music no doubt.

Futuristic & Soulful

The ALL has a timeless combination of lyrics and production that inspires. Yes, timeless because the albums’ lyrics and production feature core elements we recognize from the birth of this thing we call Hip Hop… black culture. The guest appearances are on point and the opening speech excerpt from The Minister is soaring.

On the lyrical side, Tek & Steele contribute a steady diet of real rap on The ALL. Now worldly, wise and mature, the duo made their mark during the 90’s Golden Era with a candid, no-nonsense take on the State of the Union, from the streets as it were. Twenty-plus years in, they keep it real without pandering or reaching for a hit, all raw hip hop for the club, the car, the headphones, and the radio… ALL of it real Smif-n-Wessun.

“I find reality follows me everywhere that I roam, 360 degrees back home in Bucktown.”

One thing all great Emcees have in common is their authenticity -Realness- a character trait essential to the skill of convincingly communicating a message to an audience, capturing their attention while spitting that fire to “Move! Move! Move the Crowd!”

DO THE MATH = Rakim, KRS-1, Run-DMC, MC Lyte, LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, ATCQ, DeLa Soul, EPMD, Black Thought, Wu-Tang, Boot Camp Clik, Outkast, T.I., Scarface, Biggie & Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, J-Cole and beyond, each with their own flow, THEY ALL KEEP IT REAL.

Likewise, the foundation of Hip Hop production is an amalgamation of old to the new. The ancient artifacts of black music — combined with cutting edges of technology.

“…when I hear a BASS DRUM!”

“All I see is blinking lights, track boards, and fat mics - 950’s, SP12’s, MP60’s…”

9th Wonder and his Soul Council producer conglomerate infused The All with a complex and enjoyable sonic design where the familiar sounds emanating from the Souls of Black Folk: drums, horns and keyboards is treated to crispy pacing and flow, polished engineering and mastering, that results in overall feeling of innovation and newness that draws heavily on the greatest traditions of black music…

DO THE MATH = DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre, DJ Quick, Bomb Squad, JamMaster Jay, Dungeon Family, Timbaland, Neptunes, Da Beatminerz, Easy Mo Bee, DITC, Erick Sermon, Rocwilder, Q-Tip, Hi-Tek, DangerMouse, RZA, Swizz Beats, KanyeWest and beyond, each tweaking and stretching and pushing the envelope, THEY ALL COMBINE OLD & NEW.

Can’t help but be inspired knowing that Golden Era Hip Hop is alive and well and thriving, now and forever…. Can’t help but imagine a future world… Bucktown 3024

After Babylon was fallen, all systems went away and the land was made free.  And the likkle youth ‘dem survived, and strived, and rose from the ashes, schooled in the old ways, never blind to the facts, wise beyond their years.  They built this new city on the ruins of a great old one -- noble and hallowed ground… the place called Brooklyn.  

This new city was made in their likeness and after their kind -- taking the technology and innovations of the past and flipping it forward into something marvelous -- putting their spin on it.  

Who knew that Time & Space travel actually would be the Wave?

That once you know the rhythms, how to catch the beat, and how to ride the flow.  

They knew! 

They found out who stole the Soul and took it all the way back. Made it funky ... keep it funky...  into the Future.  Bucktown 3024 where everything is new and the people are Original.

Salute to the Brothers ‘Dem

I have seen and heard the future and ALL is WELL.



AB Esq.


The new Smif-N-Wessun album “The ALL” drops on February 22, 2019 right... and I am officially amped!

The ALL” is the Seventh Album (#GodDegree) from Smif-N-Wessun and in our humble opinion perfectly timed as a piece of art in the duos career as well as in the larger course of where the Culture is going.

We say this not only because: 1) the entire album was produced by the great 9th Wonder and his Soul Council (North CackaIacky stand up); and 2) the advanced material we’ve heard is profound (Rick Ross and Raekwon step up on some #XtraLarge); but 3) we all could use some thoughtful music right now and the Big Bruhs, Tek & Steele came through with just what the doctor ordered.

Please keep in mind that this isn’t a music review or a paid commercial endorsement.

We’re just bona fide fans of the artists and their art… and this right here is dropping right on time.

Much of what we hear debated about the current state of hip hop music centers around the different “schools” and “eras” of music like Old School vs. New School or Classic and Golden Eras. The wave right now is getting critiqued across the board from lyricism to innovation to content itself…

For our part, we really don’t care.

Right about now, all we want is to hear something Real. Social media is drowning in fake news, studio gangsters and androgynous thugs… so some fans need remedial classes on what’s really popping.

Around these parts, we just want to hear real soulful music, with beats that knock and lyrics that speak to our experience… something that makes our heads nod, toes tap and heartbeats pick up the pace… cause us to raise a hand or fist in assent maybe even make us wanna holler…. and “The ALL” delivers.

That African Drumbeat… Call & Response Chorus… both ancient elements that are at the foundation of all hip hop music from before Golden Era to beyond Trap Muzik so what comes next…

ALL that I can say is that Tek & Steele put their ALL into this new album and ALL true fans of the Art & Culture will appreciate ALL that they experience when lending their ears, hearts, and minds to “The ALL



AB Esq.

“We be the WWBCC!!! WorldWide!!! Boot Camp Clik til we D.O.A… we continue, smashing crews…”

Hashtag: Crackers & Banana Republics

The Gods didn’t spend too much time watching the State Funeral for President George H.W. Bush, nah mean? Granted, it was powerful theatre watching Senator Bob Dole, with tears in his eyes choke back emotion and struggle to his feet for a final salute of H. W. Bush. But on the real? Bob Dole? Poppa Bush? Nah Sun, we not checking for them like that.

It was actually funny hearing people talk about Poppa Bush like he was a saint or something. We were raised to not speak ill of the dead but these fools straight rewrote history eulogizing the man! The dude was a straight C.I.A. puppet master, backing Noriega and Hussein plus the Willie Horton ad and his use of tried and true scary black man racist dog whistles for his own presidential campaign right

Never mind the whole War on Drugs boondoggle or the fact that President Jimmy Carter appointed more African-Americans and women to the federal bench in four years than President H. W. Bush and President Ronald Reagan appointed in twelve years!

Poppa Bush gave us all Supreme Court Justice Clarence “Long Dong Silver” Thomas so its all favor!

Social media was full of Folk mad at the whitewash of Poppa Bush’s legacy but it was actually funny to the Gods.

Whats deeper than Poppa Bush’s “sketchy past” is how this country projects its own misdeeds on others.

We used to be irritated whenever someone used the term “Banana Republic” to denigrate Latin American and Caribbean countries that weren’t as constitutionally developed as the United States. I mean “how uncivilized some of these nations are with their fraudulent elections, kangaroo courts and military dictatorships…” Sound familiar? No?

What about Papa Doc Duvalier?

The Pinochet Junta?

Ever hear of Operation Condor?

You DO know that all those “Banana Republics” were set up by “our” C.I.A. right? And not just in Latin America and the Caribbean either…. “We” deployed Crackers around the world to plant “Banana Republics” that “we” could control… Never mind that most of the folk walking from Central America right now are fleeing conditions created by United States foreign policy right?

So when the Gods hear reports of voter suppression and the anti-democratic effects of rampant district gerrymandering in American elections, along with the fact that the Prison Industrial Complex is more economically viable than the American solar industry all thats missing for a full fledged “Cracker Republic” is a military dictatorship…. but then again, a feckless Republican Party led by an ignorant, felonious, orange #Vulgarian will suffice….

R.I.P. Poppa Bush… Nah Mean?

AB Esq

Building with the Elders

It is the duty of each generation to pass jewels of wisdom to their lineage, on to the next one, on to the next one.  The Elders, seated in honor, are visited by the bigga youth ‘dem, who respectfully sit at their knees and learn the lessons of those who have gone on before; a transfer of great wisdom, across the ages takes place one generation at a time, so that the People may prosper and endure.  Moses passed the jewels to Joshua and the Children entered the Promised Land.

So what happened to the jewels of the 1960’s, 1970’s fought and won in blood?  How do we explain the 1980’s and 1990’s vapid age of selfish acquisitions and glorification?  After Ali risked it all and proclaimed, “No Viet Cong ever called me nigger…” Jordan shrugged and said, “Republicans buy sneakers too…”    

We are the generation of analysis and synthesis.  The jewels of the 60’s and 70’s along with the tough lessons of the 80’s and 90’s reside within us.  We pull it all together, light and dark, good and evil, making sense of it all, three hundred sixty degrees, charting a new course to a Promised Land -- Above the Clouds and Beyond the Stars

When we debate who is the GOAT, championship rings aside, LeBron’s hometown school towers above Jordan’s investment in private prisons don’t it???

On August 22, in commemoration of the Haitian Revolution  sparked on August 22, 1791, Bucktown USA presents Building with the Elders, an inspirational and informative series featuring conversations with Elders of he community sharing their precious pearls wisdom gleaned over the years…  let them that have ears to hear, listen and grow Wise.         


AB Esq

There are 99 Days...

... until the next national election (Mid-Terms 2018) and the daily operation is a circus of hypocrisy and venality with politicians, previously sworn to uphold the Law, actively undermining the Rule of Law while serving the financial interests of their True Masters.

The Big Homie asked me the other day, how long will they let this fool stay in office???

My response was who has benefitted the most from this madness?  (Short answer:  China)

So as opposed to spending the next 99 days listening to foolishness, watching the circus and wondering how long will this Rule of Madness last, over here in Bucktown we strategizing and collaborating with our brethren spreading seeds and jewels wherever...  

The Culture includes Seeds of Inspiration and Jewels of Insight.  Every song we produce, mural we paint, book we write, and video or film we shoot has the great potential for Inspiration and Insight.  Our Culture is uniquely situated to steer the plant toward redemption or into the final abyss.  Producing, Soulful, Authentic Culture is an act of love for humanity.  We can save the world with Hip Hop you know???

We can't wait for these politicians to save us and the future generations...  Salvation right now is found in the songs we sing, the stories we tell, the images we paint...

Create Something powerful people...  The world needs us.  Live from Bucktown USA you already know what we cooking up...

AB Esquire    

Ain't Over Til We Win

Wondering what will happen next.. next week, next month, next election?

What you want to happen now?  What are you prepared to do? 

Wise woman once sang, "Kingston to Brixton to Brooklyn we all 'gwan EAT!!!" 

Be damned if these savages eat all we food and starve out the generations to come.  So what comes next is diligent WORK  -- consistent HONESTY.  

Not spending too much time rapping about what comes next. 

Big Homie said cut to chase this Leo season so you see where Bucktown USA is coming from...

Maroon. Tubman. Nation. Garvey. Law. Culture. Justice. HipHop!

AB ESQ    

#ByAnyMeans Necessary  #WeAllConnected #TheBlackWomanIsGod #KillmongerWasRight

On the Good Foot

Sometimes a boot to the backside is what's required "nah mean"?

Heard news the other day about the #iLLegitimatePresident trash talking NFL players for taking a knee next season.  Never mind the: a) irony of a traitor lecturing hard working, law abiding, tax paying citizens on patriotism; b) the dishonesty of criticism that intentionally ignores their righteous protest against police brutality; or c) the hypocrisy of an #iLLegitimatePresident violating the Constitutional Rights of patriotic citizens...  That the entire NFL rant was an attempt to distract from the fact that the #iLLegitimatePresident just #GaveItUp behind closed doors to the #Cossacks is all you need to know.

The ignorance and stupidity inherent in white supremacist ideology has resulted in fools electing, installing and still supporting a president who is, to put it mildly... mentally unfit to mow my lawn or babysit your thirteen-year old niece.         

Where the focus needs to be is on the Culture and what messages we are exporting to the world.

As the #iLLegitimatePresident does the bidding of his Russian masters and tries to gather land, power and influence around the globe, what is the global HipHop Nation doing?  What is our message?  Where are we going?  How will our Elders and Children be cared for in the world?  Will we just sit back and watch these lunatics scrape Mother Earth with no regard?  Will we let them crash and burn the only planet we have so they can die fat and wealthy and full of feces in their hearts and intestines?

Every act of the Culture must have a purpose... or you with them punk muh fuh's over there...

Folk got kicked in the arse...  Now get up on the good foot and be about the business of taking this planet in another direction... a #MorePerfectUnion... #Harmony... or not!

Say Word Bond,

AB Esquire     

Before We Go Any Further...

This nation is in a State of Emergency.  Today, the current Chief Executive Officer, through his words and actions, has revealed himself to be a mean, addled, vulgar, venal, racist, misogynistic, pathological liar, who is intellectually lazy and the lackey of the president of another sovereign nation.  If that wasn't bad enough, the United States Congress, the branch of government that should be the primary balance against an ignorant and corrupt CEO, is presently replete with mediocre, cowardly hypocrites who place their political careers and the bank accounts of their corporate masters above the good of this nation and the welfare of future generations.

So before we go any further, as we warm up this Boom Bap drum beat for the advancement and preservation the Culture, and in light of the current State of Affairs, lets agree on a few things: 1) everyone from the Culture who is of age and eligible will Educate Themselves on the issues and REGISTER & VOTE in every local, State and National election from here on; 2) everyone from the Culture will support {volunteer, donate resources, etc.} local youth programs to educateconnect, and build relationships with the younger generations; and 3) everyone from the Culture will read their local newspaper at least two times a week and read one book every month (your choice just start reading!!!)    

For Lack of Knowledge the People Perish!!!  In this era of misinformation and hypocrisy, ignorance is a fatal flaw that will not only lead to the victimization of the Individual but the destruction of the Culture as a whole.  Let us not procrastinate!  Lets Get It On!!!

*We'll start a book list at Bucktown for anyone looking for suggestions on reading material*     

AB Esquire