Roll like Trump, you get ya meat lumped!

Just over 165 days until the 2016 US Presidential Election and judging from the polls, 43% of the country jumped out the window…  43% being what the polls currently suggest is the percentage of American voters who prefer Donald J. Trump over Hillary Rodham Clinton for U.S. President. 

We’ll get to Secretary Clinton and the accuracy/legitimacy of these media polls down the line. 

For now lets focus on the fact that a large percentage of my fellow Americans believe someone who talks like a used car salesman, looks like Bull Connor with a toupee, and thinks “unsign” is a word, is qualified to be Commander-In-Chief of the most powerful military in the world.

Why is Dirtbag Donald an acceptable option to so many freedom-loving Americans?

Remember when Michael Dukakis was disqualified (for looking silly) when he put a helmet on while taking a ride in a tank?

How about when Howard Dean was dismissed for that primal scream at a primary rally?      

Cam Newton has been criticized as an unacceptable on the field leader of a sports franchise… a football team because he dances on the sidelines, smiles for the camera and gives out souvenirs to fans during the game? 

But Despicable Donald and his petulant scowl is a qualified presidential candidate?

Why are so many decent Americans overlooking Deviant Donald's racist (Obama’s birth certificate), corn-balled (“unsign” Executive Orders), half-baked (wall along Mexican border), ignorant (renegotiate America’s bond debt) statements.  

Will they really support Disgusting Donald for president?    

American Voters have gotten it wrong before.

Nixon’s Southern Strategy built a winning coalition by appealing to racial animus and generational angst, but that was the ‘60’s and the Watergate scandal taught those voters a painful, embarrassing lesson about authoritarian regimes.

Reagan started his 1980 campaign, appealing to racial animus with a dog-whistle speech near the Philadelphia, Mississippi town where three civil rights activists were brutally murdered and then was famously oblivious during the Iran-Contra scandal as his administration sold weapons to Iran and secretly financed a rebellion in Nicaragua…  Oh yeah this was around the same time “our” Nicaraguan “allies” were financing their rebellion by dumping cocaine in California. 

Talk about Machiavellian! 

Talk about America eating its young!

So now, even with the stark lessons of the recent past, these vulnerable, misguided Americans are defaulting to anger and supporting a walking caricature of bigotry and chemically engineered testosterone. 

Look up “dumb American” in the dictionary and you will find a TV Guide feature on Detestable Donald.

So what’s the verdict?  Fortunately this is not 1968 or 1980.  There are a whole heap of woke Americans - of every background - who know a washed-up high school bully when they see one.

Viva Los Estados Unidos!

Where my Soccer Moms at?

Who you with my European-American brothers, John Wayne & George Custer or Bill Gates & Steve Jobs?

In that respect, Dumb Donald is good for America.  He is laying bare much of the ugly underside of American politics dating back to the nation’s original sin of slavery and the Three-Fifths Compromise. 

The racial politics that elected Nixon and Reagan along with the underlying ignorance that those politics encouraged will finally be weighed before the altar of American decency.    

American Voters cannot hide on this one.  

A vote for Derelict Donald is a vote for a global meltdown and we just can’t have that.

Like Chef Raekwon said...

 “You wanna roll like Trump, you get ya meat lumped.” 


Stay Woke America,

AB Esquire

Armani Baraka Scott

Husband, Father, Writer and Friend