YouR Art Is...

Short stack today in all this heat nah mean???

Think about the times we are living in with 1) reports of Environmental Cataclysm and 2) rumors of War in the news every day and you have to wonder:  What is the role of the Artist in these increasingly turbulent days???

I like a dance record as much as the next person and a decent comedy or action flick is always appreciated but the Artist better say something.

The Artist, through their artistry, is uniquely positioned to synthesize all the madness for us; to translate whats going on to the masses, to help us make sense of it all.

A picture is worth a thousand words right???  One photo or painting can strike at the very heart of a complex situation.  One song can lift the spirits of an entire nation, even the planet (Respect Robert Nesta Marley).  One well written joke can relieve pressure and tension, allow us to continue despite the hypocrisy. 

Well why is that?  How does the Artist do that?  And with all the madness going on, what will the Artist give us today?

Somehow, someway the Art must comment and engage on "What's Going On"...

Today the Artist must speak Truth.  The Artist must in some way lend voice and perspective to the Days and Times.  Self-absorbed, vapid brain-farts masquerading as Art is jive wack. 

Stakes Is High my G.  And if you want to get in front the people and sell your Art, you need to have something to say.

If your Art is not relevant... Your Art is sh*t! 

And I like mean it Man, Like dig it, For real Baby... Yeah


AB Esquire

Armani Baraka Scott

Husband, Father, Writer and Friend