Read A Book...

American History is not taught HONESTLY in this country right?

Does anyone know how many hundreds of treaties the US Government signed with Original American Tribes and immediately violated?  Do you know the government policy was to sign treaties with tribes, get the tribes to grant concessions and immediacy violate the treaties?

Does anyone know how the modern day local police force system got started in this country?  Do you know that slave catchers (capturing escaped Africans and kidnapping free Africans) are some of the forefathers to local police systems in this country?

Does anyone know how local municipalities responded to free Africans after the Civil War and abolition of US slavery?  Black Codes taxed Africans who tried to start non-agricultural professions, restricted Africans access to land and guns and allowed the state to seize children of "return" the children to work for former slave masters on the grounds that the parents were unfit.  

Africans were freed from slavery, arrested by local authorities and returned to slavery via chain gangs.  

Slavery was abolished and institutional racism was consciously and systematically woven into American Society through the Law.  

The criminal justice system in this country, post US slavery, has been used as a proxy to keep Africans in bondage, poverty and fear.  

This is a matter of historical record, not a guess, speculation or opinion.  

Does anyone know how long it took for American Society to face its legacy of slavery and institutional racism; to enact substantial, institutional steps aimed at removing the stain of its Original Sin?   Sike!!!  

The Reconstruction Era, which was supposed to integrate freed Africans into America after the Civil War lasted about twelve years (1865-177) before the Black Codes and then Jim Crow took over...  Affirmative Action, born out of civil rights legislation in 1964 and 1965 began to get systematically diluted and weakened by Supreme Court rulings starting in 1978! (Bakke v. California)

If Americans knew their own history some might still be bigoted and apathetic to the lives and struggles of their fellow Americans, but at least they would not be ignorant.  If you choose to be a tool, thats your right as an American.

More importantly, the young and future generations of Americans would be aware of their place in the nations history and their good, decent, innocent nature, armed with knowledge of their American self, would be the change we desperately need.

Knowledge is power and if more folk knew how we actually got here, a productive discussion about where we need to go and what needs to be done to get there would happen.

Til then, read a book, then read another and another, educate yourself and elevate your perspective.

Unless you like whats going down right about now and your blissful ignorance need not be disturbed.  

When folk say "get low" they mean it in more ways than one huh???.  



Armani Baraka Scott

Husband, Father, Writer and Friend