Hashtag: Crackers & Banana Republics

The Gods didn’t spend too much time watching the State Funeral for President George H.W. Bush, nah mean? Granted, it was powerful theatre watching Senator Bob Dole, with tears in his eyes choke back emotion and struggle to his feet for a final salute of H. W. Bush. But on the real? Bob Dole? Poppa Bush? Nah Sun, we not checking for them like that.

It was actually funny hearing people talk about Poppa Bush like he was a saint or something. We were raised to not speak ill of the dead but these fools straight rewrote history eulogizing the man! The dude was a straight C.I.A. puppet master, backing Noriega
https://www.theguardian.com/world/2010/apr/27/manuel-noriega-us-friend-foe and Hussein https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1990/08/16/bush-and-hussein-longtime-friends/505019ac-8a3b-42f4-9cbb-940ce81e847f/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.819f4469490b plus the Willie Horton ad and his use of tried and true scary black man racist dog whistles for his own presidential campaign right https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Io9KMSSEZ0Y?

Never mind the whole War on Drugs boondoggle or the fact that President Jimmy Carter appointed more African-Americans and women to the federal bench in four years than President H. W. Bush and President Ronald Reagan appointed in twelve years!

Poppa Bush gave us all Supreme Court Justice Clarence “Long Dong Silver” Thomas so its all favor!

Social media was full of Folk mad at the whitewash of Poppa Bush’s legacy but it was actually funny to the Gods.

Whats deeper than Poppa Bush’s “sketchy past” is how this country projects its own misdeeds on others.

We used to be irritated whenever someone used the term “Banana Republic” to denigrate Latin American and Caribbean countries that weren’t as constitutionally developed as the United States. I mean “how uncivilized some of these nations are with their fraudulent elections, kangaroo courts and military dictatorships…” Sound familiar? No?

What about Papa Doc Duvalier?

The Pinochet Junta?

Ever hear of Operation Condor?

You DO know that all those “Banana Republics” were set up by “our” C.I.A. right? And not just in Latin America and the Caribbean either…. “We” deployed Crackers around the world to plant “Banana Republics” that “we” could control… Never mind that most of the folk walking from Central America right now are fleeing conditions created by United States foreign policy right?

So when the Gods hear reports of voter suppression and the anti-democratic effects of rampant district gerrymandering in American elections, along with the fact that the Prison Industrial Complex is more economically viable than the American solar industry all thats missing for a full fledged “Cracker Republic” is a military dictatorship…. but then again, a feckless Republican Party led by an ignorant, felonious, orange #Vulgarian will suffice….

R.I.P. Poppa Bush… Nah Mean?

AB Esq

Armani Baraka Scott

Husband, Father, Writer and Friend