Before We Go Any Further...

This nation is in a State of Emergency.  Today, the current Chief Executive Officer, through his words and actions, has revealed himself to be a mean, addled, vulgar, venal, racist, misogynistic, pathological liar, who is intellectually lazy and the lackey of the president of another sovereign nation.  If that wasn't bad enough, the United States Congress, the branch of government that should be the primary balance against an ignorant and corrupt CEO, is presently replete with mediocre, cowardly hypocrites who place their political careers and the bank accounts of their corporate masters above the good of this nation and the welfare of future generations.

So before we go any further, as we warm up this Boom Bap drum beat for the advancement and preservation the Culture, and in light of the current State of Affairs, lets agree on a few things: 1) everyone from the Culture who is of age and eligible will Educate Themselves on the issues and REGISTER & VOTE in every local, State and National election from here on; 2) everyone from the Culture will support {volunteer, donate resources, etc.} local youth programs to educateconnect, and build relationships with the younger generations; and 3) everyone from the Culture will read their local newspaper at least two times a week and read one book every month (your choice just start reading!!!)    

For Lack of Knowledge the People Perish!!!  In this era of misinformation and hypocrisy, ignorance is a fatal flaw that will not only lead to the victimization of the Individual but the destruction of the Culture as a whole.  Let us not procrastinate!  Lets Get It On!!!

*We'll start a book list at Bucktown for anyone looking for suggestions on reading material*     

AB Esquire 

Armani Baraka Scott

Husband, Father, Writer and Friend