On the Good Foot

Sometimes a boot to the backside is what's required "nah mean"?

Heard news the other day about the #iLLegitimatePresident trash talking NFL players for taking a knee next season.  Never mind the: a) irony of a traitor lecturing hard working, law abiding, tax paying citizens on patriotism; b) the dishonesty of criticism that intentionally ignores their righteous protest against police brutality; or c) the hypocrisy of an #iLLegitimatePresident violating the Constitutional Rights of patriotic citizens...  That the entire NFL rant was an attempt to distract from the fact that the #iLLegitimatePresident just #GaveItUp behind closed doors to the #Cossacks is all you need to know.

The ignorance and stupidity inherent in white supremacist ideology has resulted in fools electing, installing and still supporting a president who is, to put it mildly... mentally unfit to mow my lawn or babysit your thirteen-year old niece.         

Where the focus needs to be is on the Culture and what messages we are exporting to the world.

As the #iLLegitimatePresident does the bidding of his Russian masters and tries to gather land, power and influence around the globe, what is the global HipHop Nation doing?  What is our message?  Where are we going?  How will our Elders and Children be cared for in the world?  Will we just sit back and watch these lunatics scrape Mother Earth with no regard?  Will we let them crash and burn the only planet we have so they can die fat and wealthy and full of feces in their hearts and intestines?

Every act of the Culture must have a purpose... or you with them punk muh fuh's over there...

Folk got kicked in the arse...  Now get up on the good foot and be about the business of taking this planet in another direction... a #MorePerfectUnion... #Harmony... or not!

Say Word Bond,

AB Esquire     

Armani Baraka Scott

Husband, Father, Writer and Friend