Ain't Over Til We Win

Wondering what will happen next.. next week, next month, next election?

What you want to happen now?  What are you prepared to do? 

Wise woman once sang, "Kingston to Brixton to Brooklyn we all 'gwan EAT!!!" 

Be damned if these savages eat all we food and starve out the generations to come.  So what comes next is diligent WORK  -- consistent HONESTY.  

Not spending too much time rapping about what comes next. 

Big Homie said cut to chase this Leo season so you see where Bucktown USA is coming from...

Maroon. Tubman. Nation. Garvey. Law. Culture. Justice. HipHop!

AB ESQ    

#ByAnyMeans Necessary  #WeAllConnected #TheBlackWomanIsGod #KillmongerWasRight

Armani Baraka Scott

Husband, Father, Writer and Friend