Building with the Elders

It is the duty of each generation to pass jewels of wisdom to their lineage, on to the next one, on to the next one.  The Elders, seated in honor, are visited by the bigga youth ‘dem, who respectfully sit at their knees and learn the lessons of those who have gone on before; a transfer of great wisdom, across the ages takes place one generation at a time, so that the People may prosper and endure.  Moses passed the jewels to Joshua and the Children entered the Promised Land.

So what happened to the jewels of the 1960’s, 1970’s fought and won in blood?  How do we explain the 1980’s and 1990’s vapid age of selfish acquisitions and glorification?  After Ali risked it all and proclaimed, “No Viet Cong ever called me nigger…” Jordan shrugged and said, “Republicans buy sneakers too…”    

We are the generation of analysis and synthesis.  The jewels of the 60’s and 70’s along with the tough lessons of the 80’s and 90’s reside within us.  We pull it all together, light and dark, good and evil, making sense of it all, three hundred sixty degrees, charting a new course to a Promised Land -- Above the Clouds and Beyond the Stars

When we debate who is the GOAT, championship rings aside, LeBron’s hometown school towers above Jordan’s investment in private prisons don’t it???

On August 22, in commemoration of the Haitian Revolution  sparked on August 22, 1791, Bucktown USA presents Building with the Elders, an inspirational and informative series featuring conversations with Elders of he community sharing their precious pearls wisdom gleaned over the years…  let them that have ears to hear, listen and grow Wise.         


AB Esq

Armani Baraka Scott

Husband, Father, Writer and Friend