The new Smif-N-Wessun album “The ALL” drops on February 22, 2019 right... and I am officially amped!

The ALL” is the Seventh Album (#GodDegree) from Smif-N-Wessun and in our humble opinion perfectly timed as a piece of art in the duos career as well as in the larger course of where the Culture is going.

We say this not only because: 1) the entire album was produced by the great 9th Wonder and his Soul Council (North CackaIacky stand up); and 2) the advanced material we’ve heard is profound (Rick Ross and Raekwon step up on some #XtraLarge); but 3) we all could use some thoughtful music right now and the Big Bruhs, Tek & Steele came through with just what the doctor ordered.

Please keep in mind that this isn’t a music review or a paid commercial endorsement.

We’re just bona fide fans of the artists and their art… and this right here is dropping right on time.

Much of what we hear debated about the current state of hip hop music centers around the different “schools” and “eras” of music like Old School vs. New School or Classic and Golden Eras. The wave right now is getting critiqued across the board from lyricism to innovation to content itself…

For our part, we really don’t care.

Right about now, all we want is to hear something Real. Social media is drowning in fake news, studio gangsters and androgynous thugs… so some fans need remedial classes on what’s really popping.

Around these parts, we just want to hear real soulful music, with beats that knock and lyrics that speak to our experience… something that makes our heads nod, toes tap and heartbeats pick up the pace… cause us to raise a hand or fist in assent maybe even make us wanna holler…. and “The ALL” delivers.

That African Drumbeat… Call & Response Chorus… both ancient elements that are at the foundation of all hip hop music from before Golden Era to beyond Trap Muzik so what comes next…

ALL that I can say is that Tek & Steele put their ALL into this new album and ALL true fans of the Art & Culture will appreciate ALL that they experience when lending their ears, hearts, and minds to “The ALL



AB Esq.

“We be the WWBCC!!! WorldWide!!! Boot Camp Clik til we D.O.A… we continue, smashing crews…”

Armani Baraka Scott

Husband, Father, Writer and Friend