October 25th, our train arrives at Winterthur. The weather is beautiful. Figub (our deejay for the tour) was met by his parents. They had made plans to meet prior to our arrival. They seemed pretty cool. The dad was laid back while the mom was bit more energetic. They were both pleasant folks and Figub has a cool vibe as well so I can see where he gets it from.

Tek, Buckshot and myself jumped in a cab with the promoter whos name is Sam. Sam resembled the Spanish actor from CSI (laughs). He was cool but he appeared a bit reserved. Figub and his parents walked to the hotel because it was only 100 meters from the train station. We stayed at The Park Hotel. The rooms were very comfortable and the ambiance was tranquil down the music playing mildly thru the hotel speakers. There was a park located right next to the hotel and in the middle of the park was a building that resembled a Greek Revival style home with 3 figures resembling lions with wings on top each corner of its roof supported by four columns finished by a fountain in front, perfect for a photo op.   


We only had about an hour before sound check so I began to unpack my bag and get my gear ready for the show. Normally we don’t get a lot of time to prepare so we have to think on the move and anything can happen so its best to be safe than sorry. We all met in the lobby. Tek was down first then myself followed by Buckshot. We proceeded to walk to the venue which was only a few meters from where we were staying. It was a lovely day and the walk was refreshing. We arrived at the venue located in what appeared to be some type of square in the center of the town. There is something that draws me to the old fashioned architecture of the homes and the design of each individual city. It allows the mind to travel and imagine what it was like or what it would be like to live in some of these places.


The name of the club we were to perform at was Albani. It was a small space that holds about 250 to 300 people. The sound check went well the guys had some coffee and Buck and I had some cough cough (laughs). Sam then took us for food. We were all indecisive but we agreed on pasta. Sam made the reservations at this Italian restaurant but when we arrived they mysteriously hadn’t receive our reservation. We had to come up with a plan b quick because it was Sunday and the shops closed early plus we had an early show that night and we couldn’t afford to waste any time. 

There was a hamburger spot close by but we decided to dine at this Thai spot which was suggested by Buckshot. I’m not a big fan of Thai food but it turned out really good even better than the initial choice of Italian food or burgers. I kept it simple and ordered the chicken fried rice and a seafood salad with squid. Everything was great. I tackled what I could and wrapped the rest up in a doggie bag for later. 

IMG_6207 chx frd rc:salad.jpg

We went back to the hotel to get ready as time was of the essence. Luckily I already chose my outfit for tonight. I just had to change clothes and go. The venue was jammed packed and there were people still outside. we had a few minutes to prep before we got on stage. We made a toast with Hennessy, Buck rolled a spliff and after that it was showtime. 

It was a small stage so we were up close and personal with the audience. Sometimes those venues are better because they're more intimate than the bigger stages. The show was a success everyone went above and beyond. This was only show three but we were all convinced this may have been the best show thus far. We still have nine shows left so its still too soon to make a fair assessment .

We fly out to Budapest in the afternoon leaving us a few hours to kill after check out. Once we checked out we went to find some food. We decided on the burger joint we skipped the previous night. It was empty but the doors were wide open. This could never happen in New York, I thought. Eventually a young lady emerged from the back. She took our order and began to make the food right there behind the bar. She was a one woman army. 


The food was okay, it was burgers and fries so there was nothing special although I've had some special burger and fry combinations in my travels. We ate then we proceeded back to the hotel where we met up with Sam for the last time. He put us in a cab and bid us farewell. He seems to be a cool guy. He was thorough with the business and took care of us well so there are no complaints on my end. I look forward to doing business with Sam again. We need more good promoters that aren’t afraid to work hard. 


We arrived at the airport on time. When we checked in they informed us that we had to pay for our check in luggage. They were also giving us a hassle about the weight of our carry ons.  It was a bit of confusion but we ultimately paid the fee and proceeded to our gate. When we got to the gate a flight attendant announced that the flight was overbooked or overweight and offered 270 francs to whoever would give up their seat for a later flight.


I thought about it but the team wouldn’t go for that. That’s one rule that we have practiced for years. Maybe Figub would make the sacrifice. We decided its best to stay together. The flight is short as opposed to the time it would have taken if we had driven. Everything worked out, give thanx and praise to God. We have the next two day off in Budapest. I’m looking forward to the rest and hopefully we get to see some cool sights.


Flight check prepare cabin for take off. Budapest here we come. Stay tuned for more.


General Steele