Building With The Elders - Abiodun Oyewole

Building With The Elders is a series of discussions with some of the most prolific people of our time. The participants range from artists, musicians to actors and activists. 

In our first installment, Armani Scott (Strategy Park) sits down with iconic poet and activist Abiodun Oyewole of The Last Poets. This discussion cultivated into a 7 part series where Abiodun addresses  a bevy of topics from his early origins to the significance of poetry in the 1960's up to current time. He talks about his beautiful struggles coming up in Harlem, his road to becoming a dynamic poet during the Civil Rights Era and his reconnection with the younger generation specifically the Hip-Hop Generation.

He delivers a clear message to the new leaders of the Hip Hop school about seizing the time and harvesting your skills to teach and heal people. He breaks down the word Nigga and reveals his thoughts on the usage and the power of the “N” word. 

Abiodun eloquently addresses each topic with sincerity and compassion. He not only speaks about the problems but he offers solutions to reconnecting our roots thru poetry and the arts. He is clearly one of the many elders who have left a paramount impact in our culture. He along with his brothers of The Last Poets have inspired many with there powerful word specifically rappers and street griots. 

Starting in Harlem and spreading to the Motherland of Africa, Abiodun and The Last Poets will forever be a monument for poets and rappers as well as generic people of all walks of life. 

Press play and enjoy the first season of Building With The Elders with Abiodun Oyewole. Feel free to share and leave comments. Don't forget to subscribe to Bucktown USA for more programs like this. 

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