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BUCKTOWN USA RELEASES Crazy DJ BAzarro's NEW ALBUM Bucktown in bazarro world

A collaboration between Bucktown USA and Dysfunkshunal Famlees' frontman and producer Crazy Dj Bazarro. All production done by Crazy Dj Bazarro and features General Steele and his BTU artist VVS Verbal, Louie Skaggs, Young Coke, Boone Bixby alongside Dysfunkshunal Famlee Alumni, D Roc and Napolean Da Legend. Also features Innocent? (It's Them), Illa Ghee, Mike Brownsville, Joneszilla, Guappy, Supreme The Eloheem, Hersh and Stage One.

Available on Amazon, Spotify, TidaliTunes NOW!

Bucktown usa releases new single from upcoming Mixtape series Volume 1 "Let It GO"

"LET IT GO" is the 1st single off the Bucktown USA Mixtape series Vol. 1 featuring General Steele delivering gritty vocals over a Jewels' production assisted by fellow Bucktown artist Marr’z Atomz, Araminta Moon, Nicole Michelle and Vvs Verbal. 

Created on September 13th, the anniversary of the ascension of Tupac Shakur, General pays homage in this letter to Tupac while exposing the fakes in this industry. General Steele writes, “A lot of fake nggas alive cuz a real ngga dead”. We remember our heroes as we move on to the next phases of our lives thru the obstacles and adversity reminding ourselves that sometimes you have to just "LET IT GO!"

General steele's son genesis. releases his 1st album "Rizumu"

They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree an in this case General Steele's first born son this holds true.  As Genesis. finishes up his senior year in high school he prepares for the release of his debut album "Rizumu."